3 Ways That Optimizing Your Google Business Page Can Get You More Customers

3 Ways That Optimizing Your Google Business Can Get You More Customers - Varro Creative

Google Business Profile (GBP) is a free Google product that helps businesses manage their online presence, hours and location, collect customer reviews, and share business updates. It also has a strong impact on a website’s search engine ranking and ability to be found on Google Maps. GBP is a vital tool in helping new customers find your business, while also helping build trust, drive website traffic and boost your sales.

How GBP Sets Up Your Business Location for Success

Your business’ GBP Profile pops up on the right-hand side of the screen when users are searching on Google. To get started, you’ll have to set up a Google Business Profile account, add your business location, and fill in details such as a business address, contact information, business type/category and the products/services you provide.

After successfully creating your GBP account, Google generates a Google Maps location for your business. This places your profile in sync with the traditional Google Search engine. If you have completely optimized your GBP profiles and are encouraging your customers to leave you reviews, there’s a good chance that your business will show at the top of the Google search page in what we call the ‘map pack’ which shows the three best matching businesses.

What makes GBP worth your time is that any third-party platform using the Google Maps API like UberEats or Skip the Dishes, or links to appointment booking calendars will also show your GBP profile to their users.

GBP Gets Your Business Out There​

Search Engine Ranking. Local search is influenced primarily by relevance, distance, and prominence.

Relevance. When customizing your GBP profile, you have to write a complete “from the business” description with industry-specific keywords. You should also add your products and/or services and select the primary and secondary categories relevant to your business.

Distance. Ranking for “near me” searches relies on how specific you were on entering your business location. With Google Maps API, it considers how far a user is from your location and rightfully suggests your business.

Prominence. Prominence is based on information Google gets that’s outside of your website. Google scrapes articles, directories, and reviews across the web to validate that your business is legit and is considered trustworthy by most consumers.

GBP Lets People Know You’re Better Than The Competition ​

Brand Awareness. Ranking on the first page of Google might not be enough for customers to transact with your business and stand out from your competitors. Google’s Algorithm for ranking GBP profiles also considers activity.

Regularly updating your GBP profile. Updating your GBP profile—publishing posts, answering questions, and responding to reviews—helps your listing rank better than competitors. Google will suggest businesses to users that are still active or operating as of date.

Your business’s description should have your value proposition. It should show the relevance to the search, how customers are finding your products and/or services worthy of their investment, and how your business separates from others.

GBP Leverages Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Customer Reviews. Responding to Google reviews also sends signals to Google’s API that your business is still active. It also increases brand awareness.

Positive Reviews. Responding to positive reviews shows current customers how much you value their time and shows potential customers the level of quality of your products and services.

Negative Reviews. Responding to negative reviews shows your commitment to listening to their concerns and how you’re eager to make changes to your processes to improve customer service.

Bridging The Gap Between Trust and Loyalty​

A Google My Business profile does more than improve your store’s online presence and bring traffic to your website. It gets better conversions as it establishes trust by increasing brand awareness, and eventually fosters loyalty and repeat purchases.

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