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All You Knead Bakery Website Redesign | Varro Creative

The Project

All You Knead is a boutique bakery in Vaughan, Ontario specializing in uniquely decorated donuts and cupcakes. All You Knead takes pride in their carefully decorated pastries to match their fun and creative flavours. They have grown a loyal following of customers by consistently serving soft and intensely flavourful donuts and cupcakes, baked fresh every day.

Like many local businesses, when AYK started, they built and maintained their own website, and that eventually grew into two sites—one that was mainly informational to let customers know who they are and what they do, and one with ecommerce features. Maintaining the two has a lot of challenges, such as admin time and lack of SEO, but it also doesn’t provide a great user experience.

This contributed to stunted business growth, due to the time-consuming task of manually inputting their weekly featured flavours, which only allows customers to order 1 week in advance. It also meant lack of predictability in sales and excessive admin time keeping two separate sites up to date.

All You Knead Web - Varro Creative

Our Approach

Our goal with the project was to combine their two websites into one, and reduce their admin time. With WordPress and WooCommerces’ flexibility, we aimed to give them full control of their online store with a custom flavour scheduling system. They can now pre schedule their feature flavours for weeks in advance, so their customers can order weeks in advance, too. This pre-order system allows them to predict the demand of certain products well in advance, even before making the dough.

We also added a pickup time scheduling feature, so they can stagger pickup times and lessen the line ups in store. They can cap specific days when they reach order capacity, and open/close the store as holidays arise. Having control over orders, pickups and flavours gives them incredible flexibility over their business. 

Their new website also has a slick new design and is mobile responsive, so it works on all devices and has a professional look and feel. We also integrated a newsletter sign up into the site, so they can keep in-touch with customers, and integrated their instagram feed, so there are always new visuals to engage website visitors.

Your website is an important customer touch-point, but it can also be a time saving tool for your business. With every website redesign, we start by examining what can be done to streamline marketing efforts and lessen admin time. There are many factors that drive customers to click the ‘order now’ button and we can help you grow your online presence and business. To learn more about how we can drive sales to your e-commerce website through a brand or website refresh, connect with us.

All You Knead was a pleasure to work with and we are more than satisfied with how the website turned out. Take a look at the project here:

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