Another Year Speaking at Calgary WordCamp

Another Year Speaking at Calgary WordCamp | Varro Creative

I have had the opportunity to speak at WordCamp Calgary, in my home city, quite a few times and was excited to be part of the conference again. The conference was hosted over May 25 & 26 at Fort Calgary, which is a nice, intimate venue for a tech conference.

I gave two talks – Security Basics, which covers simple security enhancements that anyone can add to their site using plugins, no backend experience necessary.

My second talk was on Freelance Success, which details the pros and cons of freelancing, how to avoid common mistakes with running a business and how to stabilize your income. We also looked at tools to automate business admin work and growth opportunities.

It was a great weekend and it was nice to host some WordPress friends from other cities that I have met at other events. Lots of great networking opportunities and I really enjoyed the other talks I got to watch. Looking forward to the next one!

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