Digital Marketing Basics

Digital Marketing Basics | Varro Creative

In order to drive users to your new site, we wanted to outline a few brief ways to market your new site to your audience. These are by no means the only options, but more a starting point to begin thinking about how to strategize your marketing plan and bring new website traffic. Let us know if you want to discuss these or other options in more detail.

Develop a Brand

Creating a strong brand is the first step. Design a look and feel using fonts, color pallet and graphics, and carry it throughout all areas of your business. This includes your logo, signage, email signature, print pieces (like business cards and brochures), website, online marketing and all your social accounts. 

This also extends to how your brand ‘feels’ when customers or clients interact with it, and should be consistent across all channels.

Branding Design
Email Marketing

Email Marketing

If you plan on building a mailing list of your customer’s email addresses (we recommend that you do!), we suggest that you first create an account with MailChimp.

Then email marketing essentially involves collecting the email addresses of any potential customer and sharing content — such as newsletters, promotions, discounts, and helpful information — as a way to build relationships. Focus on providing value that will continue to draw visitors back to your website.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great way to engage with your audience, and continue building your brand. It’s also where a huge portion of potential customers spend their time (there are over 2.2 billion users on Facebook and over 800 million on Instagram).

Strategize content, create captivating visuals and post consistently for social media marketing to work most effectively. Make sure to link your accounts to your website, so potential customers can learn more about your products and services.

Social Media
Search Engine Optimization

Paid Ads

Do you have new products, services or events that you are trying to promote? Using ads can help.

Paying for ads on platforms like Google or Facebook can provide you with a way to target the right content to the right audience. It’s possible to get very specific on who will see your ad, and you can adjust it over time to be more effective.

If you are just getting started, try boosting a popular post and experimenting with different copy or graphics to see what works best for your business.

Content Marketing

Are you passionate about the kind of product or service you offer? Content marketing is a great way to provide value to your customers and build your reputation as an authority on your subject. 

Building a blog on your website, creating a podcast, or sharing videos to show your industry expertise, and draw customers back to your website.

One great option to start with, it to create a free downloadable eBook or guide on your website. Ask for users to provide an email address in order to download the ebook as a way to build your mailing list. These are great potential customer leads!

Start Collecting Your Content

Business Directories

Most cities have several online business directories. These are a great place to have your business listed, and provide a link back to your website (which helps your search ranking). Simply search for “free business directory in [your city]”. 

You will find various free and paid directories available to sign up to, and the more specific to your business, the better. These listings can help bring in new traffic to your website.

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