Food Photography Talk at the Foothills Camera Club


I have presented at the Foothills Camera Club a few times over the years, and it’s always great to share photos and knowledge with fellow photographers. This year I presented about my experience learning Food Photography through my work with Prairie Girl Bakery.

I started working with the bakery in 2010 and have over time done increasingly more complex photo shoots. We started with simple product photos on a white backdrop, so we could display their delicious cupcakes on their website. The photos turned out beautifully, so the next time I was asked to photograph a variety of scenes using the cupcakes for use in website banners.

Over time, we did seasonal displays, used models, and creating increasingly more complex setups. In 2014, the project grew to include imagery for a cookbook for the bakery, which we shot over 50 images for. It was one of the most rewarding projects I was able to work on and I’m very proud of what we created. The talk covered lots of tips I learned along the way and advice for working with food. I also showed lots of samples and included this slideshow of the best cookbook images.

The talk was very well received and afterwards, I was asked to host a Food Photography workshop, which is in the works for the summer. Details to come!

Thanks again to the Foothills Camera Club. If you want to get involved with the club, I highly recommend coming to one of their monthly meetings. More info at: