Joe McNally Photography Workshop

image of joe mcnally

Earlier this month I attended a great workshop with famed photographer Joe McNally at Mount Royal College. Joe is a commercial photographer best known for his work in National Geographic and Life Magazine. He travels frequently for shoots, so portable equipment is key – in particular, off-camera flash.

The focus of the workshop was to show the flexibility of using off-camera flash lighting setups and experiment with various light modifiers. Joe set up several lighting arrangements and worked with models on stage while projecting his images. It was incredible to see a master photographer at work and be inspired by the tips, tricks and experimentation with light over the course of the weekend.

I came away with a new interest in alternative lighting and plan on experimenting with off-camera flash and light modifiers in the new year. For anyone interested in this kind of lighting, I would highly recommend taking a look at Joe’s books – in particular “The Hot Shoe Diaries” is very informative and has beautiful images.

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