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Outlook Landscapes Website Redesign | Varro Creative

The Project

Outlook Landscapes is a Calgary-based landscaping, lawn maintenance, and snow removal company that helps maintain your lawn, yard, driveway, or commercial property. They are committed to using their 10+ years of experience to maintain properties and create beautiful landscapes their customers love. They needed a new website designed to help grow their business in the new direction they were going. 

They approached us to redesign their existing WordPress website, as their current one wasn’t mobile responsive and they wanted a visual refresh to stay competitive in their industry. Their services had changed quite a bit over the years and they were more focused on Landscape Construction than previous and they had a large collection of project photos to show off. We were excited to take on this WordPress website redesign project and are very happy with how the website turned out. 

Outlook Landscapes Web - Varro Creative

Our Approach

We kept their website on a WordPress platform, for flexibility to keep the website and project photos updated on an ongoing basis, and created a bold and highly visual design. We added a variety of micro-animations and motion to make the site really appealing and then tied everything into the online order system they already used, with revisions to ensure the order form had a better user experience. Now their customers can get an online quote quickly, whether they are using a desktop computer or a mobile phone, at any time of day. It’s easy for them to take orders for their services online, year-round too.

WordPress is one of our favorite website design platforms, and we love the flexibility to create bold and highly functional websites.  A new website design can ensure a business looks professional and modern, as well as save admin time. By adding or revising online ordering, a business can advertise its services and reach customers 24/7. For more information about how we can help transform your existing website, connect with us.

It was a pleasure working with them and we are very happy with how the website turned out. Take a look at the project here: www.outlooklandscapes.com

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