Returning to WordCamp Toronto

Returning to WordCamp Toronto | Varro Creative

Toronto is my favourite city to visit, so I was really happy to return to speak at the two-day Toronto WordCamp event, for the second time. I spoke in 2016 as well and it was a great event. This year I presented twice, once on security basics and also on social media tools.

The security talk covered a variety of topics, such as security plugins and strategy for keeping your site protected from hacks, then expanded into things like 2-factor authentication and SSL certificates. The talk was very well received and we had a great question and answer session.

My second talk was about social media tools and covered the varieties of ways you can use social media on your website. We covered things like displaying social threads and galleries on your site, as well as scheduling and auto-posting options.

Overall the event was great and I enjoyed learning from the other speakers and networking with the Toronto web community. Hopefully, I’ll be back again in the future. If you are in the Toronto area and work in web, I highly recommend checking out one of the many great Toronto WordPress Meetups around the city.

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