Speaking at WordCamp Chicago

Speaking at WordCamp Chicago - Varro Creative

I have always wanted to visit the Windy City, and attending the fantastic WordCamp Chicago was a great way to experience the city. The two-day camp was filled with networking opportunities and great talks from other industry experts.

I presented How to Succeed in Freelancing, a talk which covered solutions to the main problems that a lot of freelancers face when trying to grow their business. Learning how to deal with issues related to time-based invoicing, finding the right subcontractors and stabilizing your income were the major topics.

The talk also covered lots of tools and tricks for being more productive and systemizing the admin work of running a digital business. We had a great question and answer session, with lots of great engagement from the audience.

I was also able to attend some great talks on starting an agency and dealing with mental health challenges. It was a great weekend with lots of shared knowledge and expertise. Of course, the after party was a highlight and everyone got to unwind and reflect on the conference at a ping pong bar in downtown Chicago.

Outside of the conference, I toured the city and took a lot of photography. The architecture tour was a big highlight, as well as visiting the planetarium. It was a fantastic weekend and I made lots of new connections in the WordPress community.


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