Speaking at WordCamp Europe in Belgrade!

Speaking at WordCamp Europe in Belgrade | Varro Creative

WordCamp Europe is the biggest event I have had the opportunity to speak at, and this year it was hosted in the incredible city of Belgrade, Serbia. The conference was a 3-day event with over 2000 attendees from all over Europe and the world.

My talk was a lightning talk, about How to Stay Healthy in the Digital Space, which covered my personal journey in digital and the health challenges I have faced along the way. Like myself, many other digital workers face; digital eye strain, carpal tunnel, insomnia, back pain and more.

The talk covered a variety of ways to improve working conditions and lessen the above-mentioned health issues. These repetitive stress injuries can harm your ability to earn, and with some tweaks and adjustments, many health problems can be avoided.

My talk was among several which covered the health aspects of digital work, and it’s interesting that these kind of topics are coming to the forefront of tech conferences, as digital workers are starting to become more concerned with topics surrounding both mental and physical health. I was also asked to participate in several interviews about health at the conference.

The talk was well received and it was so much fun to speak on the huge stage at the Sava Centre! Visiting Belgrade and attending WordCamp was a fantastic opportunity, and I am so happy to share my knowledge and experience with other people who work in digital.

The afterparty was, of course, a huge highlight, as well as seeing many familiar faces from my WordCamp family. I can’t wait till the next event.


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