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The Project

Sticky is a new Toronto bakery specializing in all things sticky! From sticky buns and cakes to cookies, puddings, and fudgies – this bakery has something to satisfy every sweet tooth. Sticky is a new baker by our long time client and owner of Toroto’s famous Prairie Girl Bakery. With such a wide variety of treats and a decade in the Toronto food scene, customers are sure to be impressed.

As a new business, they needed help to develop and grow their brand. They wanted to stand out in the bakery market and present a more edgy, bold brand to differentiate themselves from Prairie Girl. They also needed an online presence including an ecommerce website to take orders, social media profiles, Google Business Profile, plus a variety of other accounts setup for marketing and tracking/measuring analytics of their efforts. Lastly, they needed to get infront of their ideal audience and spread the word about their brand.

A website is essential for any business that wants to sell products or take orders online. It is a must-have nowadays to stay competitive. A website also gives you a platform to connect with your customers 24/7 by answering questions, presenting your products and providing information.

The owners of Sticky know the importance of a strong start to their growth in the digital space, and asked us for help with strategizing and developing their project.

Portfolio Sticky

Our Approach

First, we helped establish a brand identity which included logo design, color pallet, store signage, menu boards and business marketing materials. Through branding, we were able to establish the brand’s bold, no-nonsense voice and establish them as a very different bakery from the competition.

Next, we worked with Sticky to create a website that reflects their brand and works as a tool for the bakery to take orders online in advance for both pickup and delivery . The site is designed so that they can internally manage orders, product stock, flavours and availability, as well as delivery areas based on postal code. They can also limit order volume and open/close the store on holidays. These features allow them great day-to-day business flexibility.

Sticky’s website is also mobile-responsive, provides FAQ’s and the ability to sign up for their newsletter, so their customers can get latest updates and offers. Their visitors can also access their social media pages to stay engaged with the brand.

As a means of driving more traffic to their website and grow their business, we also assist them with monthly marketing services including SEO, Google Ads Management and Social Media Marketing on Facebook and Instagram. As part of the marketing, we installed a variety of data tracking tools so we can accurately measure the results and provide a monthly report of improvements and opportunities.

We really enjoy working with Sticky, and love how their website turned out. Take a look at it here:

If you are interested in developing your own e-commerce website, brand or marketing strategy, reach out and we would be happy to work with you to develop a custom plan to grow your business. Connect with us to get started.

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