Third-Party Policy

Installation and setup of any required third-party plugins are included in our estimate, however, purchase costs or monthly fees associated with these are not included in our estimate. We can assist in selecting the most appropriate option for plugins to meet your needs.

Third-party Plugins/Extensions/Themes

Varro Creative owns the licenses for the plugins/extensions/themes used in our basic website setup package, and are kept updated/valid under all versions of our website care plans until such time as we are no longer in business or that the license is no longer valid.

All plugins/extensions/themes included under each plan are subject to change without notice. The client understands that if they cancel their care plan all licenses provided by Varro Creative will be revoked and the client will need to find an alternative solution or purchase their own license(s).

In the event that Varro Creative is no longer in business, when possible, we will attempt to provide the client 30-day notification so they can find an alternative solution or purchase their own license(s).

Varro Creative will make every effort to offer support for any plugin/extension/theme installed through our care plans while the client has an active care plan. The client understands that support for these plugins/extensions/themes is provided via the plugin/extension/theme developers, and as such, Varro Creative is subject to their support response times when attempting to resolve plugin/extension related issues.

Plugins/extensions/themes, used only for your specific website project will be purchased/licensed specifically for your project, and the cost of which may be added to your invoice, or set up to be billed monthly, directly.

Website Care

Successful websites are those that continue to evolve and remain updated with relevant information. This requires both consistent content publishing, as well as monitoring of the website to make sure it is achieving its objectives. Ongoing website care is not included in our initial estimate unless specifically outlined.

Once the website has been launched we can assist you with website care for a complimentary 30 days. Following that, we strongly suggest a subscription to monthly website care plan which includes regular backups, incremental improvements, software updates, analytic monitoring, and security monitoring. This ensures your site is functioning, secure and continues to deliver a positive return on your investment.

We would be happy to offer a fixed monthly rate for this service or discuss other options that include other regular updates inline with your needs.

Please see more about Website Care here

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