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Most web projects go through the same development steps. If you are well prepared, the process will go more quickly, smoothly and your end result will better achieve your business needs. This is the typical web design process:

Website Planning


We will review your goals and requirements, then work with you to develop a hierarchy for how the website information will layout. This will be the blueprint of your website.


All the assets for your project need to be collected, this includes; passwords, planning documents, and all the content (images, documents and text).

Website Content
Website Content


We will provide wireframes or prototypes for the main sections of the site so you can visually see where all the pieces will go. This will act as the foundation for the design.


Next, we will apply the look and feel of the website, which will include layout, colours, fonts, graphics and images. We will adjust the design until you are happy with it.

Website Design
Website Programming


This is the most technical part of the project, where the site will be coded to work on a variety of browsers and devices, such as tablet and smartphone. All the website content will also be added in this phase.


The website will be tested to ensure all the pieces work as expected and all the content is added. We will adjust the site until it is complete and signed off. 

Website Testing
Website Launch


Your website is ready for launch! We will schedule a day to transfer all the files and make it available for the world to see! 

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