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Our web design and development team only takes on a limited amount of projects per month. That means you get the attention and commitment from us your business deserves! We want to help make sure every project is successful, so here are some things we look for in potential partners:

You have goals in mind

You already know you need a website or online presence. Let’s start by asking why. What does this website need to achieve? Is it to drive sales? Showcase your work? Differentiate from your competition? Every step we take in your site’s design will feed into these goals so it’s critical they’re clearly defined at the outset.

You have time (or staff with time)

Creating an effective website requires strong communication between the Designer and the Client. To ensure your project is successful, we require one point of contact on your end (yourself or an associate), who has the time and resources to work with us. There will be meetings, calls, emails, reviews, and milestone sign offs, and we will need your assistance in gathering files and providing content. Maintaining momentum throughout the process is critical for a timely delivery.

It’s important to note that if projects stay motionless for more than 4 weeks, it will be removed from our schedule.

You have a budget

A beautiful and functional digital project that solves your business challenges and is current with the latest technologies requires an investment and in many cases, an ongoing budget. There is no getting around it. If you want it done right, it will take investment into professional services. Having a budget from the onset will help us determine what is possible. 

You have passion

You work hard and are passionate about what you do and why you do it. Building an online presence is hard work and it takes time, so if you don’t see the benefit and aren’t passionate about changing your business, it’s likely you are not yet prepared to undertake a project with us.

You have an audience

Who buys your products or services? Who is your audience or ideal customer? We want to know everything about them so we can design a site that caters to their needs, as well as your own.

Ready to build something amazing together?

If everything listed above resonates with you, then please fill out our website worksheet on the next page so we have all the details necessary to understand your goals, project and provide an estimate. We’re eager to work with you and help your business thrive, and will contact you to schedule a consultation as soon as we receive the form. 

If you aren’t sure about some of the items listed above (like who your target audience is, or what budget to set aside for a project), we can still help! We can work with you through a Digital Clarity session to get the answers and better prepare for a new website project.

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