What Pages Does Your Website Need to Include?

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Whether you’re hiring someone to design your website or building a website yourself, you will need to decide upfront which pages to include so you can start to write the text and collect images. It can be difficult to decide what should be on your website, especially before you can start to see it come together visually. No matter what industry or business you are in, there are several standard website pages that should probably make an appearance. These make for a great starting point to get the ball rolling on developing your website content.

Here are 6 pages that should probably be on your website:



The first page anyone visits is typically your home page, and I like to think of it as the summary of the rest of the website. I suggest starting with a Value Proposition, which explains who your audience is, and what value you bring to them. Be as specific and direct as possible, using a format like this: [company] provides [product or service] for [audience] that allows them to [key benefits] Your home page should also include a CTA or call to action, which tells your audience the next action you want them to take, such as ‘sign up now’.

About Page

An about page is a great place to introduce yourself, your story, and the purpose of your website. This will be an important page for anyone who wants to build trust with their website visitors. Make sure you don’t make the mistake of creating an excessively promotional “about us”, instead add in some interesting facts, the story about how you got started, or explain your company values.

Contact Us Page

Contact Page

Make sure there is a simple page on your website where website visitors can find all your contact details and connect with you quickly – whether it be to ask for more information or to book an appointment to start working together. You need to let website visitors know how they can reach out to you, find you, follow you, or any details about what to expect – like how long it may take you to respond.

Product or Service Page

Depending on if you are selling products or services, you should include a page with details about your offerings. This is a page that will sell your product or service, so make sure it has clear and easy-to-digest content that outlines the benefits and characteristics of what you offer. It also helps to explain how your offering is different than competitors and what value it will provide customers. You can also provide more detailed information as they navigate deeper, and some case studies or real-life examples.

Services and Product Page
Privacy Policy Page

Privacy Policy Page

A website privacy policy page makes sure website visitors understand what you do with any information they provide to your website. It’s critical for website visitors to trust that you are handling their personal data correctly, and it is important to show website visitors that their data is safe with you. If your website has user tracking or you run online ads, like Facebook or Google PPC, then it’s important to include details about what is captured and how it’s used. There are a variety of privacy policy generators that can help you prepare the content for this page.

FAQ Page

A frequently asked questions page can be really helpful to potential customers that are exploring your website and considering your product or service. Perhaps they are visiting your website outside of working hours and have questions that are holding them back from committing to a purchase. By including as many frequently asked questions as possible, you can help build trust by showing customers that you have a thorough understanding of what they need to be answered.

How you choose to handle these website pages, the content will be a major component of what distinguishes your website from the competition. Especially if you can speak directly to your audience and show you can provide value to them.

If you are still struggling to know what to include, or how to structure your website content, reach out and we can help you strategize your website and digital media to best suit your business needs.

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