Yardworx Website Redesign

Yardworx Web Site Design

The Project

Yardworx is one of Calgary and Edmonton’s best yard maintenance companies. They specialize in lawn care and snow removal services, for both residential and commercial customers. They have been in business for years, and always had a website, but it was overdue for a redesign to make mobile responsive, easier to navigate and enhance their online order system.

We have worked with them for years, and were happy to help redesign their existing website. The first step in any redesign process is to audit the existing website and determine what should stay, what should go and what should be front-and-center. We decided to revise the navigation to better organize their services, and create a design with lots of strong imagery. We also helped with a couple photoshoots to capture their service crew in action so we had lots of rich-media for the website and their online marketing.

Yardworx Website Design

Our Approach

We built their website using a WordPress framework so it can be easily managed and optimized for SEO. We also redesigned their online ordering system so it’s mobile responsive and automatically calculates one-time and monthly estimates for their services. It also ties directly into their client fulfillment software so orders come directly into their system of choice, making it easy to book and fulfill jobs.

We will also be working with them to manage their blog, newsletter and online marketing efforts to drive traffic to their website. Having a strong website that acts as a tool in your business is the first step to online business success, and then pairing it with strategic online marketing can drastically improve a company’s sales. All the parts need to be working together and we can help devise a plan for how digital can play a roll in your business. Contact us to start the conversation.

We really enjoy our on-going work with Yardworx. Take a look at their new website and let us know what you think! www.yardworx.ca

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